“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”


One-To-One Coaching

The role of a sports coach working alongside top athletes is well established : every successful athlete has a coach. Coaching in other domains, such as corporate and life coaching, has been developed around many of the same principles used in sports – in particular its focus on goals, performance and outcomes.

One-to-one coaching is a distinctive partnership between two people   – coach and coachee – who work together as equals on a defined set of coachee goals. It is a confidential and in-depth dialogue aimed at deepening a coachee’s self-awareness and clarity, and focus is placed on enhancing strengths and developing essential skills that may be lacking.

Popular topics in demand by our clients include:

  • Leadership. Develop as a leader and improve the ability to lead others.
  • Effective Communication. Increase awareness about all the elements involved to become an effective communicator.
  • Emotional Intelligence. Improve capacity to manage emotions and build good interpersonal relationships.
  • Stakeholder Management. Learn to actively manage key internal stakeholders and increase visibility towards them.
  • Influencing and Negotiation. Sharpen skills to become more impactful.
  • Personal Efficiency and Effectiveness. Develop aptitude in time and priority management to better handle business complexity.
  • Life Balance. Restore and maintain a balanced life.

CEO / Members of a Leadership Team
For business leaders it is often lonely at the top, and here it can be highly beneficial to have an external counterpart in the form of a corporate coach. In this scenario the coach typically acts as a sparring partner and sounding board to progress the corporate vision, leadership and strategies.

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Team Coaching

“No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team”
Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder LinkedIn

What constitutes a High Performing Team ?
– Common Goals/Purpose
– Open Communication
– Strong Collaboration
– Mutual Accountability to achieve outstanding result

High performing teams are key to the success of any organisation and can produce results that will elevate a company from the crowd of its competitors.

Our Team Coaching enhances performance by optimising team dynamics and improving collaboration and cooperation. Programmes are highly customised and designed to work at a profound level, with each team taking its specific needs and circumstances into account. Focus is placed on providing long-term solutions and producing concrete business results.

The aim of the team coaching is to achieve team transformation.

Teams will:

  • Increase their awareness of the team’s current performance and situation
  • Develop a common purpose and goal(s) together
  • Improve communication, trust and collaboration between team members
  • Enhance creativity through sharing their ideas and leverage diverse viewpoints
  • Create a common commitment framework and concrete action plan for implementation
  • Experience higher motivation and team spirit through a dynamic participation
  • Learn to engage in open and honest dialogue to address concerns, issues and conflicts
  • Develop increased team accountability

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Group Coaching

“The well-run group is not a battlefield of egos”
Lao Tzu

Our Group Coaching workshops are aimed at groups of people within an organisation who are not necessarily a team. They are tailored around company-specific topics and take into account business goals, strategy, culture and values. The workshops are designed using a coaching approach and method that incorporates:

– High interactivity through sharing ideas and experiences
– Deeper reflection to get the most out of the group’s wisdom
– Cultivating empowerment, proactivity and commitment
– Effective facilitation structure and support

Group Coaching typically happens over more than one meeting : the learning process within the group takes place over time and thus involves coming together on more than one occasion. This gives individuals the opportunity for ongoing reflection and to build and follow up on previous sessions.

The group works together as a cohesive unit to implement initiatives with the aim of creating positive and lasting change.

Popular topics in demand include:

  • Effective Communication
  • Proactivity and Engagement
  • Optimising Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Developing a Commercial Mindset and Approach
  • Personal Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • External Facilitation (e.g. offsite away-days)

Private Coaching

“A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear,
who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always know you could be.”

Tom Landry

Coaching gives you the opportunity to gain clarity and release potential to create the life you truly want. Private coaching can be applied in every area of your life: health, wealth, relationships, career, family, personal development, spirituality.

The coaching process is essentially a dialogue conducted in the strictest confidence within a results-oriented framework where the coach works alongside the clients and challenges them to think bigger. For the client this means having the time and space to explore options with the coach who acts as an objective sounding board. The coach listens without judgement, supports, encourages and asks the right questions.

One of the keystones in coaching is the fundamental belief that you already have the answers within you, even though they may never have asked yourself the questions. Together the coach and client define personalised strategies that sets the client up to succeed.

In this dynamic partnership meaningful goals are defined and a plan of action is designed to reach those goals faster than the clients would do on their own.

Common benefits:

  • The ability to set specific goals and reach those goals
  • Increased confidence and find the courage to take action
  • Experiencing a higher motivation and overall energy
  • Significant improvement in personal organisation and effectiveness
  • The ability to make better and smarter decisions
  • Create a balanced life

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