The Book Toolkit


Unlock your coaching potential!

Download the complete toolkit from the book – all at a fraction of the cost of a coaching session.

• 49 powerful tools covering:

– Leadership
– Effective Communication
– Emotional Intelligence
– Stakeholder Management
– Influencing and Negotiation
– Personal Efficiency and Effectiveness
– Life Balance

• The tools can be downloaded individually or several at the same time.
• For professional coaches, company name and logo can be inserted into the document headers. However, please note that the tools          are copyrighted as part of The Complete Corporate Coaching Toolkit and that your permission to customise the tools is limited to            your business name/logo for use with your clients only.
 The downloads are unlimited during a 12 month subscription period.
• Each tool’s respective textbox providing guidance ‘About the Tool’ and ‘How to Use the Tool’ can be found in the book (see below).

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