Private testimonials

Developing my own project has been seriously on my mind since more than 5 years. I knew the corporate world was not for me, and I have always had project ideas on my mind. Some of them I even started to execute. But I have always found a valid excuse to put my project off. Financial situation, new career opportunities, pregnancy, a physical move….and then I met Monica. Always extremely focused, Monica seems to able to live whatever it is you are living and then, with only a few words, a few questions, you know the answer yourself. Monica’s belief in the human being is contagious. Meet Monica and your life will become simple, beautiful and you will feel as resourceful as never before.
Evelien D’Hertog
Founder of Four Rooms
Coaching helped me not only to identify the tree in the forest but also to figure out how to get there and what to do with it. Thanks Monica for opening my eyes and for your insightful support.
Patrizia Luchetta
Parliamentary Attache, Luxembourg
I have found coaching with Monica very useful both professionally and in the area of private volunteer work, and for reconciling work and family life. Coaching has also been helpful with my getting back to normal work after a serious illness. In particular, coaching has improved my performance, especially priority setting, scheduling and delegation.
GM, Administrator
European Institution
Since I started coaching my life, both professional and private has changed. Before I was always overloaded and overwhelmed. When I look at the progress I have made I cannot believe my eyes. I wish I would have known about coaching earlier. It is no secret that the most difficult part for an artist is to be able to manage himself. It’s not simply about creating, but also to know how to present and market oneself which can be very hard. I am happy to say that I am now exposing in museums which has been a dream. Monica’s careful guidance and full support continues to be very precious to me. I highly recommend coaching to anyone who wants to move ahead in their life. Thank you Monica for all your energy, you do a great job.
P. Gerola
When I came to Monica I was unsatisfied in my job and was on the point to lose self-confidence. Placing an innovative product in the conservative automotive industry, the short-term results requested by the management did not arrive. There was no backing from the management. No career perspective within the company was visible. I felt like I was in a one way road of which I knew I had to get off. Monica helped me to see all the personal assets I have built up over the past years. Suddenly I became aware of what I have achieved – a knowledge which is key in order to reorient oneself. She helped me to set up my personal goals and my professional orientation, pushed me to act and coached me through critical situations. After the experience with Monica my self-confidence is back. I achieved to get the job I was targeting for, promising a long term career perspective. Thank you Monica.
I was entering a stage in my life when my inner voice started to speak louder to me. This voice was strongly suggesting that I had to change what I was doing of my life. I wasn’t sure at all whether this voice was telling the truth, the only thing I felt was an inner emptiness and an increasing dissatisfaction with my current job. I didn’t know how to go about it until I found, one can say by chance, a pamphlet about CoachDynamix™. I called and had the opportunity to meet Monica. Since our journey together with her bringing me constantly back on the path I think I would have given up. Monica always reminds me about my commitments and always finds the right encouraging words to put me back on track. The journey is started but not finished yet, I still rely on Monica’s professionalism to help me materialize this new life project. Thanks Monica.
Director in a large Multinational company
From the very first meeting I was amazed at Monica’s smartness, which makes her ask exactly the right questions and always know what it is you need at a certain point. Monica gives you the feeling that no dream, no goal is beyond your reach. If you can dream it, you can do it. And then that feeling, that dream, slowly but surely turns into reality. Life doesn’t get any more powerful and exciting than that… I would recommend personal coaching to anyone. In fact I am recommending it to everyone ! 🙂 But I am afraid you have to ask for the real thing (Monica Jonsson), and accept no substitutes . . .
Cecile Somers
Without Monica I would never have realized my own project. From the very beginning she became enthusiastic about my idea and encouraged me to follow my own way. When I doubted if it wouldn’t be better and safer to go back to my original profession, Monica just knew excellently to ask the right questions. I found the answer myself and I am proud to have gone this way.
Viviane Bumb
Marketing Consultant
Working with Monica has helped me to develop a clear picture of my career. Now I work with confidence on the market and am able to meet my targets successfully.
L. Corti
Sales Director
Life as an artist, although accompanied by many romantic notions, is notoriously prone to being judged by society with clichés. So getting to know Monica’s comprehensive set of tools to help combat these limiting images has been a great source of help and encouragement. Her tools don’t only encompass effective, practical and result-orientated methods, she also instills a strong sense of confidence and ease with her sincere manner. I’m looking forward to achieving several of my lifelong goals with her very professional assistance and support.
Sally Arnold
Monica gave me the energy, support, guidelines and inspiration that I just needed it to overpass my lack of self-esteem during a bad period of my life. She believed in me and I have to say that it was really a great pleasure to work with her. It would be fantastic if each of us could have a coach like Monica during the whole journey of our life.
Quality Manager
Monica is dynamic and really knows how to motivate you in moving your career and life forward. She has helped me to formulate relevant and specific goals and then stood by me and encouraged me to meet them. Everyone should have a coach!
Robert Verbeeck
Product Manager
Coaching with Monica has been a unique experience. Through her coaching and because of her enthousiasm, I have got closer to my dreams. I now let creativity flow. She has this great power to motivate you and make your ambitions come true.
Marleen Lacroix
Mosaic Artist
Working with Monica has given me inspiration, motivation and a higher degree of self-awareness that I had lost. I now take my life and my choices more seriously and make it a priority to live with quality.
A. Adams
Head of Marketing
Coaching has helped me to prioritise my goals and reach them. Monica is a terrific coach; she stands behind me and my dreams and her powerful support helps me to move forward.
Sara Medina