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People enlist the services of a coach because they want to improve their situation and make changes in their life. They want to adopt a new way of thinking and approaching situations in order to get better results. In a coach they find a partner who helps them win by listening, supporting, motivating and believing in them 100%. Someone who inspires and helps them to define their goals and an action plan to get there, who reminds them of their greatness, as well as challenges them to take action despite their doubts and fears.

Coaching is an investment that you make in yourself and is probably one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself!

Sport coaching is the most recognised and well known form of coaching. This type of coaching has evolved over centuries and the role of a sport coach working alongside top athletes is today well established. Personal Coaching has been developed based on many of the same principles used in sports coaching. Examples of these principles are; performing to our best, setting and reaching goals, maintaining a relentless focus, working to change negative beliefs & thoughts and becoming a successful team player.
In the same way as in the sports world, a personal coach works alongside people to help them win by improving their performance in a particular situation. A personal coach helps the client to recognise opportunities for improvement as well as how to get to where they want to be.

Coaching is an industry that continues to experience significant growth since the 1980's; in the USA, it is currently the second fastest growing after IT!!! It is expanding into Europe with UK as the leading country where it has been growing steadily for many years now.

A coach focuses exclusively on the client's situation with the kind of interest and commitment seldom experienced elsewhere. A skilled coach is able to draw out the very best in its clients, and guide them towards a more productive, balanced and fulfilling life.

A coach acts as a partner/facilitator that helps you to win by:

  • Listening to you without judgement
  • Providing a framework to help identify what is important to you
  • Helping you to set meaningful and significant goals and design a plan of action
  • Helping you to think laterally to create a number of options, and then think deeply about the choices you wish to make
  • Encouraging you to identify old obstructive habits, letting them go and developing new productive habits instead
  • Expecting your best
  • Challenging you when necessary
  • Providing you 100% support in staying committed to yourself and your goals

Due to the rapid growth and popularity of coaching, there are unfortunately a number of persons who are coaching professionally without any training or accreditation in the field. Therefore, since the year 2000 measures are being taken on a European level to protect the coaching profession through quality control and creating public awareness around the importance of working with a qualified coach. The European Coaching Institute (ECI) provides quality accreditation for European coaches and ensures the availability of a high standard of coach training.

It is highly recommended that clients verify that their coach is certified (trained by a recognised coaching trainer/school) and accredited (quality control) by the ECI.

1. Counselling. A counsellor will typically examine your past and attempt to formulate a specific solution to a particular problem.
2. Therapy. A therapist generally addresses a particular physical or mental condition.

Coaching looks at the present and is above all future based; its' main focus is to establish where you are today and where you want to be. Within the framework of the coaching sessions a very powerful and dynamic relationship is developed between the coach and the client where extraordinary results are achieved. In addition, instead of looking at one or two past issues, coaching has a more holistic approach which deals with all aspects of a client's life relevant to reaching the desired goals.

People who hire a coach come from all walks of life and have in common a desire to make the most of their lives. A coach objectively guides them towards identifying their own personal potential, defining their objectives and seeing their future with more clarity.

Examples of client goals addressed by coaching can be:

  • To become more Organised & Efficient
  • To gain more Confidence in certain situations
  • To manage a Promotion
  • To achieve Life/Work Balance
  • To Change Career
  • To improve how one Relates to Others
  • To gain Personal Clarity in order to be able to set Goals
  • To manage New Situations & Challenges Smoothly
  • To improve Managerial Skills
  • To fulfil a Dream

To have a caring family and close friends is valuable indeed but it's important to remember that these people often cannot offer advice that isn't coloured by their own wishes.

Having someone alongside you to help you win, encourage, support and believe in you 100% (even when no-one else does) is very reassuring and empowering; it builds the confidence, courage and motivation necessary to continue to move forward in pursuing ones goals.

Coaching sessions are done on a one-to-one basis and remain strictly confidential. To ensure that the work is targeted to the client's specific needs and that changes remain permanent and significant, a coaching engagement is conducted over an extended period of time (usually between 3-6 months). Coaching sessions can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly (depending on what suits the client best). A session can be 1-2 hours and this time is defined in advance of each session.

Yes, CoachDynamix™ has several clients living outside Luxembourg. In this case, coaching sessions are normally conducted using a free, easy to install web based audio technology (Skype) as this allows for a communication free of charge.

There is no requirement of any contracts to work with CoachDynamix. The clients are in control of their coaching; the length of the coaching engagement is the client's decision and can be discontinued at anytime. However, it is important to remember that for changes to remain permanent and significant it is recommended to mentally commit to at least 3 months of coaching.

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