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Company Overview

CoachDynamix™ S.A. is Luxembourg's first established and leading coaching company, specialised in offering corporate coaching services to the business community. CoachDynamix is synonymous with Coaching Excellence. We have a proven and measurable Value Proposition that focuses on improving performance and driving sustainable business results.

We define Corporate Coaching as being customised professional development that improves the performance of valued individuals, teams and ultimately business results in accordance with a company's objectives. It is this definition and our vision (in right side column) that serve as the foundation upon which the CoachDynamix™ proprietary coaching approach has been developed.

We offer Individual and Team Coaching services with a highly customised and results-oriented approach.

Clients range from corporate executives (CEO to Assistant Managers) to entrepreneurs - all with a common desire to gain clarity, improve their situation, identify and accomplish their goals.

Popular Corporate Coaching Topics

Some key focus areas for corporate coaching are:

  • Leadership Development
  • Strategy, Planning and Vision
  • Business Development
  • Communication and Inter-Personal Skills
  • Prioritisation, Focus and Effectiveness to manage today's business complexity
  • Life/Work Balance

What makes CoachDynamix™ Unique?

  • - Our core business is Corporate Coaching Services, i.e. working with individuals and teams to improve their performance.
  • - A proven and measurable (ROI) Value Proposition that focuses on improving performance and driving sustainable business results.
  • - Clients are well-known companies of all sizes and across different industries where coaching at all levels of management gives us a profound insight into the comprehensive range of issues executives are facing (see client list and testimonials).
  • - Our extensive corporate backgrounds and solid understanding of the business environment (both the challenges and opportunities) are an important requirement in order for the coaching to be effective and add real value.
  • - All services are highly results-oriented and tailored around the needs of each organisation and its people
  • - A CoachDynamix™ Coach is certified and accredited from best-in-class organisations.

Examples of our clients are Lombard International Assurance, Siemens, JP Morgan, KPMG, Brown Brothers Harriman, EFTA, Bank of New York Mellon, HSBC, Ernst & Young, FIDEOS, iTunes Europe, ABN AMRO, Danske Bank, Cargolux, InterAudit, Alter Domus, Swedbank, AltraPlan, IF Group, Dimension Data, GTECH, SmartStream Technologies and Prisma.
(see also Testimonials Corporate Clients and Testimonials Private Clients)

"Being the point of reference for coaching services of the highest standard is our vision."

Company Overview - CoachDynamix™