Individual Coaching

The role of a sport coach working alongside top athletes is today well established; every successful athlete has a coach! Individual coaching has been developed around many of the same principles used in sport coaching and is essentially about "raising the bar" and winning at your game.

Coaching is positive and professional talent development and as such enhances the performance of valued executives.

A corporate coach works alongside people to challenge them to think bigger. Coaching is a strictly confidential dialogue within a highly results-oriented framework. For the client this means having the time and space to really explore issues and options with a coach who acts as an objective sounding board.
In this dynamic partnership, meaningful goals are clarified and personalised strategies defined to reach those goals faster than the clients would do on their own.

Corprate coaching enhances both personal performance and company results. It is recognised as an effective method for companies to succeed in an increasingly competitive and challenging environment


In an environment where coaching is part of a "people strategy", a multitude of benefits can be gained both from a company and employee perspective:

  • Improved performance and productivity through conscious goal setting
  • Accelerates leadership development and coaching skills
  • Communication and inter-personal skills are improved
  • Prioritisation, focus and effectiveness are increased to manage business complexity.
  • Developing capacity for strategy, planning and vision
  • Pro-active and constructive attitude through increased awareness
  • Retention of high potential individuals is increased

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"The goal of coaching is the goal of good management: to make the most of an organisation's valuable resources"

Harvard Business Review

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