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One-to-one coaching

The role of a sport coach working alongside top athletes is well established; every successful athlete has a coach! Coaching has been developed around many of the same principles used in sport coaching and is essentially about « raising the bar » and taking yourself to the next level, whatever that may be.

A corporate coach works alongside clients to increase their self-awareness, challenge them to think bigger and reach their goals faster than they would do on their own. Focus is placed on enhancing strengths and developing essential skills that may be lacking.

Below are examples of recurring coaching topics:

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Improve capacity to manage change more effectively (self and when leading others)
  • Enhance communication and inter-personal skills
  • Increase capacity for prioritisation, focus and effectiveness to manage business complexity
  • Career development – supporting people to grow into their roles or preparing for the next level
  • Manage stakeholders more effectively (internal & external)
  • Accelerate business development/commercial skills
  • Cultivate capacity for strategy, planning and vision
  • Restore and maintain Life/Work Balance

CEO and Members of Leadership Team  

For business leaders it can be highly beneficial to have an external counterpart in form of a corporate coach, particularly as it can often be « lonely at the top ». In this scenario the coach typically acts as a sparring partner and sounding board to progress the corporate vision, leadership and strategies.

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