“Being the point of reference for coaching services of the highest standard is our vision”


Company overview

CoachDynamix is Luxembourg's first established and leading coaching company specialised in offering corporate coaching services to the business community. We offer One-to-One, Team and Group Coaching services with a highly customised and results-oriented approach.

Clients range from corporate executives (CEO to Managers) to entrepreneurs – all with a common desire to gain clarity, improve their performance and accomplish their goals.

What makes CoachDynamix unique?

  • Corporate Coaching is our core business.
  • A CoachDynamix Coach is certified and accredited from best-in-class organisations.
  • CoachDynamix is synonymous with Coaching Excellence.
    We have a proven and measurable (ROI) Value Proposition that focuses on improving performance and driving sustainable business results.
  • Our in-house proprietary Coaching Toolbox supports in-depth reflection, enhances and accelerates learning.
  • Our clients are well-known companies across a diversity of industries giving us a profound insight into the comprehensive range of issues executives are facing.
  • Our services are highly results-oriented and tailored around the needs of each organisation and its people.
  • Our extensive corporate backgrounds and solid understanding of the business environment (both the challenges and opportunities) enables us to add real value to our clients.
  • Having multiple perspectives and the ability to tap into a diverse range of skills is crucial for relevance and impact when delivering coaching. Therefore, our Coaches are constantly developing themselves beyond the basic coaching certification to be effective in service of our clients.
  •  These skills and competencies include: Performance Coaching, Inner Game/Beliefs, GROW, Team Mastery, Group Facilitation, Cognitive Behaviour, Systemic Coaching and Constellations, Clean Language, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Transpersonal Coaching.

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